Rapid Locksmiths in Hedge End | UPVC Door Lock Repair Services

Dropped UPVC Doors – UPVC Doors when fitted correctly are fitted inline with the frame but after a while the seems to drop this is due to the weight of the door and glass in the door putting strain on the hinges. Rapid Locksmiths in Hedge End will realign the hinges for you line the door up evenly sometimes if the door has drop a lot this may be have broken the hinge and is enable to hold the door the faulty hinge will need to be replaced.

UPVC Door Jammed in Locked Position – When UPVC Door Locks break it is unfortunately normally when the door is in the locked position Rapid Locksmiths in Hedge End will open the faulty lock with out causing any damage to the door itself. Once open we can look at the lock and diagnose the fault. If it can be repaired we will do this for you If it needs replacing we can do this for you also.

Key Snapped In Lock – Removing snapped keys in locks is something that Rapid Locksmiths in Hedge End deal with on a day to day basis. With the correct tools we can easily remove the snapped key from the lock so 90% of the time you can continue to use a spare key in the same lock with out replacing it.

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